Get well soon, Jerry!

Comedian Jerry Lewis Taken Ill in London
LONDON (Reuters) – Veteran Hollywood comedian Jerry Lewis was taken ill on Sunday night just before going on stage at a London charity performance.
The audience was told that the 76-year-old Lewis, who has been suffering from pulmonary fibrosis in the lungs, would not be performing because he was unwell.
Lewis, who has been plagued by ill health for years, was due to appear at the London Palladium, the theater where he first played alongside Dean Martin 50 years ago.
Back in the Eighties, he was declared clinically dead after suffering a heart attack. He later had prostate cancer, was diagnosed with diabetes and suffered from spiral meningitis.
His face has become bloated after he took steroid pills.
In an interview with the Daily Mirror that was published on Monday, Lewis was quoted as saying that the pain had been so agonizing that he had contemplated suicide.
“In April it got so bad that it forced me to get a gun and seriously think about putting it in my mouth,” he said.