TV is big on DVD

Nothing To Write Home About
While perusing the list of new videos and DVD’s that will hit stores tomorrow, I noticed that there really ins’t much to write about. So I will write very little.
Here are the major highlights of the new DVD’s and videos that will bow on Tuesday, September 3, 2002:
FRIENDS: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON- Remarkably, “Friends” has joined “Law & Order” as one of the rarest of shows – a series that hits a new peak of popularity after many years on the air. In truth, the quality has slipped; the cast should have called it a day after the season in which Chandler and Monica had a secret relationship. But who can blame them? This look back at the second season proves what a remarkably solid show it’s been. But after becoming Number One for the very first time during its eighth season and garnering Emmy nominations for cast members who have deserved it all along, who among us could blame them for trying to do it one more time? Who knows, when Season Nine comes out on DVD, they may actually be able to trumpet it as “The One That Finally Won the Emmy For Best Comedy.”
STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION-THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON- Every “Star Trek” fan, except Dan Reynish, will want to own Seasons Four and Five, the heart of this series and the reason why many people consider “ST: TNG” better than the original. But for others, Season Four is a disappointment. It begins with the conclusion to “The Best of Both Worlds,” arguably the greatest two episodes on this or any “Star Trek” series. The Borg attack Earth and Picard leads the forces of the Federation into battle. They fend off the Borg (for now) but the vast majority of the fleet is crippled or destroyed. Suddenly, Earth is vulnerable to attack, the Klingons are undergoing civil war, and the Borg may return at any moment. In other words, everything has changed. This season has terrific episodes, but there are only passing references to the dramatic changes in the fortunes of the Federation. Their mission seems to have changed not a whit either: They’re still boldly going into space instead of serving as military protection for Earth. The season opener takes your breath away by upending every expectation you have. The rest of the series is very good indeed, but never lives up to what might have been.