Flippity, Flop!

Does any costly, good ever come out in August? With the $100+ million Eddie Murphy flick “The Adventures Of Pluto Nash” earning less than $3 million at the weekend box office the answer may be: no. Here’s a recap of some recent late-summer flops Hollywood has foisted on us:
* “Ghosts of Mars”: Aug. 24, 2001. John Carpenter’s sci-fi thriller cost $28 million but scared up only $8.4 million.
* “Bubble Boy”: Aug. 24, 2001. This anemic comedy – starring now-wunderkind Jake Gyllenhaal – cost $13 million but made a sickly $5 million.
* “American Outlaws”: Aug. 17, 2001. Now-hot Colin Farrell wasn’t when this $35 million western shot blanked, stealing only $13 million.
* “The Cell”: Aug. 18, 2000. Jennifer Lopez pouted unconvincingly in this $33 million overblown music video, which captured only $18 million.
* “Dudley Do-Right”: Aug. 27, 1999. Brendan Fraser ‘s $22 million cartoon Canadian Mountie did wrong, making only $9 million.