And we’ll have fun watching her!

Hurley Had Fun Filming ‘Serving Sara’
Sometimes when people star together in a movie the relationship carries over into their real lives. That isn’t going to happen with Elizabeth Hurley and her “Serving Sara” co-star Matthew Perry.
Hurley says Perry was having some personal problems while “Serving Sara” was being shot, so she never really got to know him.
But that doesn’t mean that the 37-year-old actress didn’t get a good vibe from Perry.
“Even when he was going through some painful times of his own, he was always incredibly funny and cheerful and always making me laugh,” Hurley tells AP Radio.
“Serving Sara” casts Hurley as a woman who is served with divorce papers and bribes the process server with $1 million to tear them up and help her sue her husband. But in real life, Hurley says she doesn’t think revenge pays.
“Tempting as it may be to seek revenge immediately when you’re furious, you never really need to because life tends to take care of that sort of things anyway,” Hurley says. “I truly believe that nice things happen to nice people and bad people always seem to come to a sticky end.”