No, say it isn’t so! WESLEY!!!!!!!!!!!

No Crusher for STAR TREK X
Apparently the Wesley Crusher cameo has officially been cut from STAR TREK: NEMESIS. Wil Wheaton confirmed on his official Web site that his scene has been cut out of the upcoming Star Trek: Nemesis movie. Wheaton had shot a scene in which he reprised his Star Trek: The Next Generation role of Wesley Crusher.
Wheaton said that Trek executive producer Rick Berman personally delivered the bad news to him, saying that the scene was cut as part of 48 minutes of editorial trims to shorten the Nemesis rough cut’s nearly three-hour running time.
Wheaton was philosophical about the cut scene. “The great thing is, I got to spend two wonderful days being on Star Trek again, working with the people I love, wearing the uniform that I missed, and I got to re-connect with you, the cast and the fans,” Wheaton said he told Berman. “Nobody can take that away from me.” Nemesis opens Dec. 13.