Man I would kill for something good to buy! I would kill!

Today’s New Releases
Here it is, Tuesday August 13th, 2002, and I have been listening to the new Bruce Springsteen CD non- stop for about 2 months now.
Why? You ask…well, 2 reasons. The first one is that it is just that good! But the second one is because there just hasn’t been anything else to listen to.
And this week is no exception.
Blah, blah, blah!
Here are the new CD releases for Tuesday, August 13, 2002:
* ALABAMA Legendary (RCA)
* ALLISON MOORER Miss Fortune (Universal South)
* B2K V1 Remixes (Epic)
* BEATSTEAKS Living Targets (Epitaph)
* BLUE Blue…A Year In The Life Of (DVD) (Virgin)
* BLUE CRUSH OST Blue Crush OST (Virgin)
* BRANFORD MARSALIS Footsteps Of Our Fathers (Rounder)
* CHARLIE CHRISTIAN Selected Broadcasts & Jam Sessions (JSP Records)
* EVERCLEAR White Trash From Hell (Fire)
* EVERLY BROTHERS A Night At The Royal Albert Hall (Cleopatra)
* FOREIGNER Double Vision (Remaster) (Rhino)
* FOREIGNER Head Games (Remaster) (Rhino)
* FROU FROU Details (Island)
* FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON The Isness (Navarre)
* GUTTERMOUTH Gusto! (Epitaph)
* JADE ANDERSON Dive Deeper (Columbia)
* JEFF TAIN WATTS Bar Talk (Sony)
* JENIFER MCLAREN Nightlight (Nettwerk)
* KEITH SWEAT Rebirth (Elektra)
* KEITH URBAN Somebody Like You (CD Single) (Capitol)
* KELLY PRICE Priceless (Def Jam)
* KING OLIVER 1920 – 30 (JSP Records)
* LOUDERMILK The Red Record
* MARY J. BLIGE Dance For Me Remix (MCA)
* MARY MARY Incredible (Columbia)
* MASTER OF DISGUISE OST Master of Disguise OST (Sony)
* MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING OST My Big Fat Greek Wedding OST (Sony)
* NEK Le Cosa Da Difendere (Warner International)
* NORMAN HUTCHINS Nobody But You (Navarre)
* PAUL OAKENFOLD A Voyage Into Trance (Cleopatra)
* POGUES Streams Of Whiskey (Sanctuary Records)
* PROJECT PAT Layin Da Smack Down (Sony)
* PULP Separations (Fire)
* SEPULTURA Chaos (DVD Video) (Roadrunner)
* SPARTA The Wiretap Scars (Universal)
* SPLENDER To Whom It May Concern
* TEENAGE FANCLUB A Catholic Education (Navarre)
* THE WHO Ultimate Collection (MCA)
* VARIOUS ARTISTS New Country 9 (Universal)
* VARIOUS ARTISTS Snoop Dogg Presents…Doggy Style All Stars (Doggy Style Records)
* VARIOUS ARTISTS Blue Light One (Nettwerk)
* VARIOUS ARTISTS Blazing Hot Gospel (Navarre)