Insight into “Ed”

Details about the next season of NBC’s ED.
Carol and Dennis come back from their summer vacation closer than when they left, and begin planning their wedding. Ed is obviously depressed about this, hires a wheelchair-bound man named Eli as the bowling alleyís manager, and – inspired by a nomadic thirtysomething named Frank who lives in a mobile home – considers leaving Stuckeyville for good.
Carol, though, comes to suspect that Dennis is too controlling, as has been passive-aggressively manipulating her wedding decisions.
When Eli beats Phil at basketball, Phil develops a theory that Eliís wheelchair gives him an unfair advantage. Phil acquires a wheelchair of his own and demands a rematch.
Nancy Burton, meanwhile, goes back to work – this time as Stuckyville Highís new guidance counselor. She endures a rocky start, but ends up making a difference in an unexpected way.