Thats who he looks like!

Austin roasts Opie รณ by accident
Austin Powers in Goldmember is so loaded with gags that audiences drown many out. But one joke is getting extra, unintended, laughs.
As Scott Evil (Seth Green) begins to live up to his last name in the new spy spoof, he loses more and more of his red hair, more closely resembling his villainous bald dad, Dr. Evil (Mike Myers). That’s the joke. But plenty of people are getting a second laugh when they realize that Scott’s comb-over makes him look just like director Ron Howard.
“All the press has mentioned it,” says Green, referring to reporters who saw advance screenings. “But it wasn’t intentional.”
Myers is loving it. “It is the most hilarious, inaccurate conclusion that I’ve ever heard in my life,” he says. “We just wanted to have a funny device to illustrate the idea that he was turning into his father.”
Howard, whose brother Clint is in Goldmember and whose business partner is producing Myers’ movie The Cat in the Hat, hasn’t seen the film. If Myers says it’s not intentional, says a spokesman, Howard has no complaint.