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Foo Fighters not splitting up: Grohl
Dave Grohl has set the record straight on the status of the Foo Fighters.
The band, which had been on hiatus while Grohl toured with Queens Of The Stone Age, were rumoured to be splitting after Grohl postponed recording of the latest Foo Fighters album to hit the road, reports Britain’s New Musical Express.
“There was never any talk of breaking up,” NME quoted Grohl. “It was just personal life decisions.”
However, Grohl did admit that they did have problems when they entered the studio last October, shortly after Foo’s drummer Taylor Hawkins was hospitalized for “overindulgence” while on tour.
“After that went down it scared the shit out of everybody and we thought ‘Let’s stop for a while’,” Grohl said. “Then we thought the one thing that could heal us was working on the record and honestly, I don’t think we were ready to go in yet. After two and a half months of recording, it became a chore. We didn’t feel like the luckiest people in the world like usual.”
Grohl explained that his time off from the Foo Fighters made the new album “ten times better than it was six months ago”.
The band are currently wrapping up their fourth album “1X1” (pronounced “One By One”), which is set to be released on October 22.