Spidey comes home November 1st, but STRANGE BREW will bow October 1st!

‘Spider-Man’ Spins $100 Million Video Campaign
“Spider-Man” will swing into video stores Nov. 1 with lofty expectations from Sony Pictures, which is mounting a marketing campaign worth more than $100 million.
Executives at the studio’s Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment unit are certain that the $400 million superhero film will surpass “Men in Black” to become the bestselling DVD by any studio to date. But they want to fly even higher, setting their sights on surpassing the home rental industry’s all-time top seller, Disney’s “The Lion King.”
That would mean selling nearly twice as many copies of Spidey as “Men in Black,” which is estimated to have sold 15 million-16 million units.
“Spider-Man” will compete on video with some of the same hits it faced in theaters, including “Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones.” It also will face competition from last year’s $312 million “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” and $255 million “Monsters, Inc.” as well as one of the few other $400 million theatrical films in the first DVD release of “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.”
But some of the studio’s stiffest competition will likely be from itself: “Men in Black II,” “Mr. Deeds,” “Stuart Little 2,” the anticipated Vin Diesel action hit “XXX” and Dana Carvey comedy “The Master of Disguise.”
Sony is giving the “Spider-Man” video an optimum and rare Friday release date that will capitalize on Halloween night retail events and four full weekends of sales leading into the Thanksgiving holiday.
The video division is continuing corporate marketing partnerships that “Spider-Man” had during its theatrical releases with Cingular, Dr. Pepper and Carl’s Jr./Hardees. Combined with other partners to be announced, the marketing campaign will involve $45 million in media buys and overall promotions that create 8 billion impressions and increase the value to more than $100 million.
The studio’s introductory DVD version of “Spider-Man” will be a two-disc set featuring such extras as Tobey Maguire’s costume, makeup and screen tests; these reportedly convinced director Sam Raimi that Maguire could pull off the physicality of the role.
The DVD also will provide an extensive history of Marvel’s superhero character. In addition to interviews with Marvel’s Stan Lee and many of the artists who worked on “Spider-Man” comics, Sony was granted access to the Marvel archives in order to present galleries of drawings and collections of Spider-Man’s loves and enemies in the comics.