Here’s hoping so!

Will Scott Bakula “Leap” Again?
Ever since the Sci-Fi Channel announced its intention to produce a two-hour Quantum Leap movie earlier this week, one question has been on everyone’s lips – ‘Will Scott Bakula be involved?’
“You never know. You never know,” was the response yesterday from a smiling Bonnie Hammer, president of the Sci-Fi Channel. Talking to Cinescape’s Eric Mono, Hammer said Bakula, who played Dr. Sam Beckett during the show’s original five-year run, may make a cameo in the television movie.
“Quantum Leap is absolutely a classic,” she continued, explaining the reasoning behind the revival. “It’s done well on our channel in repeats and we’ve always wanted to do a Quantum Leap reunion movie. And then when we started thinking about it and then we merged back with Universal, we said, ‘Wow, let’s do a two-hour movie. Let’s see who we can attract from the original series and let’s start our own.’ So we’re thrilled about that because [Quantum Leap] is so pure sci-fi, but so mainstream that I think we’re going to pull in a whole new audience.”
If a series is commissioned, the Sci-Fi Channel may be intending to use the original Quantum Leap premise, but with a new cast of characters. According to TV Guide, Hammer said the new version may feature a female leaper.
Don P. Bellisario, creator of the original series, will serve as executive producer of the two-hour movie, but as yet there has been no comment from Bakula or co-star Dean Stockwell (‘Quantum’s’ Al) about any possible involvement.