I choose Jennifer Garner!

No Wonder Woman for Bullock
Sandra Bullock talks about her lack of involvement in the adaption of WONDER WOMAN, plus some talk on some odd choices to replace her.
There’s one feminine enigma Sandra Bullock doesn’t solve in Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood: Who will play the Amazonian adventuress in that long-in-the-works Wonder Woman movie? Bullock’s name has long been attached to the project, but she tells TV Guide Online, “I just don’t have the time or the capability to think that I can pull that off.”
Indeed, it takes Herculean chutzpah to play bullets and bracelets! So who’s woman enough to fill Lynda Carter’s magic girdle? “Somebody who is really athletically inclined and can kick ass,” Bullock muses. “She’s agile. She’s like a cat. That’s what it deserves ó it deserves someone who can enjoy the camp, but also play the serious or the dark side. Because Wonder Woman has such a dark core to it, if [producers] embrace that, there’s a couple of women that could do a good job.” Here’s a list of ladies we could see piloting an invisible jet.
Pamela Anderson: With V.I.P.’s recent cancellation ó she played a busty, baddie-bashin’ bodyguard ó this supervixen is out of work! But can the ex-Baywatcher convey Wonder Woman’s sharp intellect? More importantly, would she make a convincing brunette?
Yancy Butler: Using Wonder-gear like an enchanted lasso ó and a tiara that doubles as a boomerang ó shouldn’t daunt Butler. She currently wields a mean magic glove on TNT’s Witchblade. Let’s just hope the recently-rehabbed starlet stays off the sauce ó otherwise she’ll be Woozy Woman!
Jennifer Garner: On Alias, this TV spy has brains, beauty and brawn. Too bad she’s already doing the comic book thing as Ben Affleck’s super-sidekick, Electra, in Daredevil (due out Feb. 14).
Sarah Michelle Gellar: This fierce beauty can so save the world from vampy villains ó she does it weekly on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Plus, she even paid homage to Wonder Woman by turning into her at this year’s MTV Movie Awards. Holy hint-dropping, Batman!
Lucy Lawless: A long-rumored contender for the role, the Xena: Warrior Princess star already has played an Amazon royal who consorts with Greek gods. And since her Xena character always displayed lesbian leanings, Lawless shouldn’t have any trouble fitting in on the females-only Paradise Island!
Jennifer Lopez: Voluptuous and curvy, J.Lo can fill out Wonder Woman’s one-piece well enough to do Lynda Carter proud. Moviegoers who saw Enough also know she’ll gladly open up a can of whupass on trifling male dogs! (Poor Billy Campbell.)
Kelly Osbourne: This reality TV brat’s already an unlikely model and pop star, so why not a big-screen superhero? Actually, she’d be better off filling Debra Winger’s old boots as WW’s frumpy little sister, Wonder Girl.
Michelle Yeoh: Who cares if the comic-book icon isn’t Asian? In Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Yeoh showed the menacing moves (and compassionate heart) needed to do Diana Prince justice. And you just know she’d pull off that classic “transformation twirl” with style and grace.