Mitch Will Be So Happy!

Seeing Her Electric Youth
Apparently PLAYBOY Magazine now wants former 1980s teen queen Deborah “Debbie” Gibson to do a pictorial.
Following the success of Tiffany’s photo shoot for Playboy last year, it is rumoured that fellow 1980s mall queen Debbie Gibson (left) has also been approached to disrobe for Hugh Hefner’s soft-porn publication.
Apparently, Gibson is demanding vast amounts of money to get her kit off, and Tiffers is already deeply peeved that they have already offered her one-time rival more than they paid her.
At the time, Tiffany actually tried to prevent Gibson from following her into the Playboy studios. ‘I am the first teen star to ever do it, and I think it probably wouldn’t have the same effect,’ she said. We’ll see.