James Bond Is Back On DVD

Here They Come Again, For The Umpteenth Time
You knew it was coming, now here it is. MGM has announced the first wave of new Bond reissues to tie in with the Thanksgiving release of the new Bond big-screen epic, Die Another Day. Arriving on 10/22 is The Bond Collection Volume 1 (version 2.0?). This 7-disc set features the mismatched assortment of Dr. No, Goldfinger, Man with the Golden Gun, Spy Who Loved Me, Licence To Kill, GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies.
(Here’s an idea for MGM – why not just release The Connery Collection, The Moore Collection, and a third set with all the rest!?) The set will knock you back $124.95 list, and each disc will also be available separately for $19.95 a pop.
Now, is there anything new in this collection? Actually, no.
Whether that’s good news or bad news is up to the fans, but tech specs and features are all exactly the same as the previous Bond releases, right down to the same ugly packaging.
MGM will be releasing two more sets of these Bond classics through next spring, when the latest Bond adventure will hit DVD. While I’m sure many would have liked to have seen something new on these sets (DTS tracks, anyone?), but just as many who missed the original sets the first time around will probably be pleased nonetheless.