The “Limited Time” thing sucks

‘E.T.’ Comes Home on DVD, Briefly
Steven Spielberg’s “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” the second highest-grossing movie not yet released on DVD, will come home again on Oct. 22, but only for a brief visit.
Universal Studios Home Video (USHV) will reintroduce the alien creature to home video audiences in both his big screen incarnations (original and re-release) in a limited DVD Collector’s Edition ($22.95) for 10 weeks only before the title goes on moratorium indefinitely. It is the first Universal video to get a limited release.
USHV president Craig Kornblau said he expects the title to be one of the top-selling DVDs of a very crowded fourth quarter. “This has been our most requested title routinely,” he said.
The only title bigger than “E.T.” that has yet to be released on DVD is the first “Star Wars” theatrical release. George Lucas has said he will likely not release any of the first three Star Wars movies on DVD until he completes work on the sixth film.
The double-disc Limited Edition “E.T.” DVD features 10 hours of extras. Spielberg appears in original featurettes describing all facets of the production of the original 1982 theatrical release and the updated 20th anniversary theatrical release earlier this year.
Another unique element is the isolated track of John Williams’ score, which he updated for the re-release, and video of him conducting a 100-piece orchestra at this year’s premiere, complete with a four-minute overture and light show.
The DVD release will cap Universal’s 18-month marketing campaign that geared up around its theatrical re-release last March and incorporated its theme parks.
“We put the whole company behind it,” Kornblau said. “We’re kicking out all cylinders on this.”