I’m not sure I would go back either

Borland rebuffs Durst’s invite to rejoin Bizkit
Despite Fred Durst’s bizarre online appeals for ex-bandmate Wes Borland to return to the fold, the guitarist is in no hurry to rejoin Limp Bizkit.
Durst recently posted Borland’s personal e-mail address and told fans to drop him a line, asking him to rejoin the group, which has been holding open auditions for a replacement.
Borland was not amused, appearantly he didn’t appreciate his personal e-mail being posted.
And anyway, most of the fans who sent him mail encouraged him NOT to reunite with Durst and company.
“Although I did not read the hundreds of e-mails themselves, I took time to browse over the subject titles,” Borland wrote. “75% or more of all the e-mails pleaded for me not to return. I was amazed. Thank you all for the support. You again have let me know that you agree with my decision”.