Today’s New Releases

In The Old Days, One Of These CD’s May Have Sold A Million!
Prior to the sharing of music files, one of this week’s new CD’s would have come close to the all- time sales record for the first week of a new release. Nowadays, the latest release from Eminem, will likely only do around 600,000 units.
If it does less than that, expect to hear several record company insiders, the ones who keep leaking the music in the first place, sprout off at the mouth about how internet users keep stealing music.
Oh well, hopefuly the Eminem disc will sell over 600,000 units and keep everybody happy…
Including the Eminem disc, here are the new CD releases for Tuesday, May 28th, 2002:
* BAD COMPANY OST Bad Company (Hollywood)
* DEADSY Commencement (DreamWorks)
* EMINEM The Eminem Show (Interscope)
* FREESTYLERS Pressure Point (Hollywood)
* GREENWHEEL Soma Holiday (Island)
* JEFFREY LEWIS The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane And Other Favorites (Sanctuary Records)
* JOHNNY CASH Kindred Spirits
* KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Alive or Just Breathing? (Roadrunner)
* MARC JORDAN Living In Marina Del Rey & Other Stories (EMI)
* QUARASHI Jinx (Columbia)
* SEVEN WITCHES Xiled To Infinity and One (Sanctuary Records)
* SOMETHING CORPORATE Leaving Through The Window (MCA)
* THE SOMATICS The Somatics (Beggars Group)
* TOMMY LEE Never A Dull Moment (MCA)
* TRICKY A Ruff Guide To Tricky
* VIRGIN STEELE The Book Of Burning (Sanctuary Records)
* VIRGIN STEELE Hymns To Victory (Sanctuary Records)