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I’m predicting a 53% drop

Will “Spider- Man” have legs this weekend? Enough legs to avoid a big drop in ticket sales?

This sounds AWESOME!

Stiller, Black in Green with ‘Envy’ Barry Levinson will direct Ben Stiller and Jack Black in “Envy,” a DreamWorks comedy that will start shooting in July. Stiller and Black will play lifelong best friends and neighbors whose relationship takes a […]

Duh duh duh duh duhhh

Can you believe it? “Law & Order: Dragnet” has found a home!

He’s no Orson Welles!

Tom Cruise Develops ‘War of the Worlds’ Tom Cruise is developing and will possibly star in a new feature version of H.G. Wells’ classic Martian invasion tale “The War of the Worlds.” The film is scheduled for production in 2003 […]

Fight the power!

Copies of ‘Star Wars’ Sequel Online A week before its scheduled release, illegal copies of “Star Wars: Episode II รณ Attack of the Clones” are already appearing on the Internet. One copy of the movie making the rounds online appears […]

What?!? No Bubba TV?

Clinton: Hosting TV Show Unlikely Former U.S. President Clinton said it’s unlikely he’ll start a new career as a television talk show host but admitted the idea had some appeal. Clinton met with NBC executives last week in Los Angeles […]

Hey Dan, even though you’ve been busy with THE NEW website is there time to answer as to whether or not there are any new films in theatres this weekend?

Sorry, but there isn’t! Ha ha ha, just kidding! Of course! Not even a new design, concept and look to this website would keep me from letting you know about the 2 new films invading the North American multiplexes. I […]

I can’t verify that this is true, but I also can’t prove that it is fake

Angelina talks about her hopes for TOMB RAIDER 2. It seems that after initial reports saying that she wouldn’t appear in a second film, Angelina Jolie has appearantly signed up for a sequel to Tomb Raider because she’ll be able […]

Giddy- Up!

Was There A “Seinfeld” Reunion In The Works? According to a top-level source at NBC they tried to launch a Seinfeld reunion special. Unfortunately, the Peacock network had just one feather lined up for the fanciful event. “Julia Louis-Dreyfus was […]

I’m still going to buy it!

Cashing In? Marvel sues Disney over “Spider- Man” artwork.