Have you noticed that almost everyone involved with “Phantom Menace” has had something negative to say about it while promoting “Attack Of The Clones”?

Portman: ‘Phantom’ Shoot Was Misery
Look closely at Natalie Portman’s face in “Star Wars: Episode I ó The Phantom Menace” and you’ll see her eyes are often red.
Portman told Premiere magazine that’s because she cried so much during filming. At 16, she said she was overwhelmed working 15-hour days for the “Star Wars” prequel, whose second installment will be released next week.
During the “Phantom” shoot, Portman said there was no one her age on the set and she needed a friend. She said she was miserable and thinks her performance as Queen Amidala suffered as a result.
The shoot for “Episode II ó Attack of the Clones” was a different story.
“It was one of the most fun movie experiences” of her life, Portman said.
Co-star Hayden Christensen, who plays Anakin Skywalker, is just two months older than 20-year-old Portman. And just in case, she brought some friends with her to the set.
“Star Wars: Episode II ó Attack of the Clones” has charity premieres on Sunday. It opens just after midnight Wednesday, early Thursday morning.