And that number doesn’t even include all of the bad CGI errors

‘Spider-Man’ Heads Toward Error Record
Comic book hero “Spider-Man,” the Columbia Pictures film which is breaking box office records in the United States, seems heading toward a new record — but this one is for mistakes.
Fans have so far spotted 77 continuity errors, the most flaws identified in an opening weekend, according to Web site
The mistakes, cataloged in full on the Internet site, include disappearing rucksacks, clothes that are dirty one minute and clean the next and smashed windows that self-repair.
Jon Sandys, who runs the Web site, said the number of mistakes could be a symptom of the movie’s popularity.
“It’s obviously possible that it’s got a higher than average number of errors, but huge numbers of people are going to see it and that makes for lots of pairs of eyes checking every inch of the screen,” he told the Independent newspaper on Wednesday.
The current number of errors puts “Spider-Man,” which took $114 million in its opening weekend, at number nine in’s top 10 of error-ridden films.
“The Matrix” is the current record holder with 146 errors, followed by “Titanic” with 135 and “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” with 113.