So, Dan,…What’s new in theatres this weekend?

Is it that time again already? Time to take a look at the new films that are invading our cinemas and multiplexes?

Well I think it is!

I also think that anyone who reads a review of Jason X to see if it is “any good” before they go and see it should be really worried. Really, really worried!

Jason X is the tenth installment in the ‘always good for a laugh’ “Friday The 13th” horror series, and if you have seen all nine, I think I missed 6 and 8, then you will see Jason X. Period, end of comments.

No comments I can say will deter critics from praising The Salton Sea. Once or twice a year a movie comes along that really isn’t worth your time, but film critics rave about it. “Brilliant”, “incredible”, “superlative” are some of the words they use in their reviews.

Luckily I am not a critic. I am just a guy who writes and talks about movies. So beleive me when I say that The Salton Sea, even with it’s impressive cast that includes Val Kilmer, Vincent D’Onofrio and the incomparable Chandra West, isn’t worthy of your time. If anyone ever asks if “You’ve ever been to The Salton Sea, Billy?”, just say no!

Also say no to Life Or Something Like It, unless you love Angelina Jolie or Ed Burns.

Regarding this movie, let’s play the opposite game! Everything in the next paragraph is the exact opposite of how I feel about Life Or Something Like It:

“The director did a good job with the film because almost every aspect is entertaining. The cinematography looks extremely professional and not thrown together like most films in this genre look, and the script is good for the most part If you are having a bad week and need a break for 90 minutes,or if you are looking for a romantic comedy, this film is highly recommended. If you are looking for a good movie, Life Or Something Like It is a must! I give it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars!”

Remember, we were playing the opposite game!

And there you go! Three new releases this week, three films not worth of your time. Three films that make you wish that there was actually something great to go and see. Luckily the horizon has Spider-Man, Hollywood Ending, Star Wars: Episode II- Attack of the Clones, About a Boy, Insomnia and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

So sit patiently waiting for some other movies to open and enjoy the popcorn! I’ll see you at the movies!