Hey Dan, What’s New At The Movies This Weekend?

Well, it’s Super Bowl weekend, traditionally a very slow time for new releases. But there are some new films for you to see if you don’t like football.

First up, is Slackers. This film about cheating college kids and the guy who wants to stop them sat in the can for 2 years before this weekend. That does not bode well! And I know from experience that things can get pretty ripe after sitting in the can for 2 years.

The weekend’s other new film might not be much fresher- is that a word? Fresher? It might not be more fresh? I don’t know! Either way Birthday Girl has Nicole Kidman starring as a Russian mail order bride who might not be all that she seems.

Of course she might not be all that she seems! How can she be a Russian mail order bride when she’s from Australia!

Oh well, I guess we’ll see! And I’ll see you at the movies!

And regarding that football game, GO PATRIOTS!!