I Feel So Old Watching That Channel Now

I spent some time watching MuchMusic this weekend for the first time in a long time. The problem that has kept me away from the channel was that the only person on the channel that has anything engaging to say is a sock puppet. None of the on -air “humans” have anything to say. My dilemma here is that I like to watch music videos, but have no outlet that serves me.


And this weekend proved that MuchMusic is no longer interested in having people like me, 34 year old pop culture and music lovers, as viewers.

This weekend an 18 year old Vancouver guy won MuchMusic’s VJ search. Now I spent some time watching the kid that won, so I have to ask, how hard did they look in their “search”?

Like I said, I feel so old watching the channel. Maybe I should just play my old 8- Tracks and forget music videos.

But if my 13 year old nephew gets a job at MuchMusic next, I will watch again!

See you Much! It’s been nice knowing you!