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The Babe Is Back!

Hands Clean, the first single from Alanis Morissette’s new CD Under Rug Swept, is now online. And she’s angry again!

Oscar Is Racing Already

“Shrek” and “Monsters, Inc.” are in the middle of a heated Oscar race. Go Shrek, go!!!!!

I’m Not Sure I Want To Live Anymore

The showbiz world is mourning the demise of STEPS today. Buck up there friend, you’ll be okay! We’ll get through this.


“Ali” comes out swinging at the record book in theatres.

Merry Christmas, Mariah!

After signing her to one of the richest contracts in the history of music there is now a report that EMI is seeking to buy out Mariah Carey’s contract.

I Don’t Think She’s A Great Actress, But I Do Think She Is Hot! Very Hot! So I Include This Story For That Reason. I Hope You Understand…

Bong! Bong! Actress Elisabeth Rohm talks about “Law & Order.”


Actor Sir Nigel Hawthorne has died at the age of 72.

What About Daryl?!?

Bono is being honoured as “European Of The Year.” So now, has he found what he’s looking for?!?

A.I. Release Is Now Scheduled

A.I. Release Is Now Scheduled For March DREAMWORKS has set a March 5th, 2002, release for Steven Speilberg’s A.I.. The boring and uninteresting sci-fi film, which Speilberg took over after Stanley Kubrick passed away, stars Haley Joel Osment and Jude […]

Today’s New Releases

Here are the new DVD and Video releases for Tuesday, December 18th, 2001. TWIN PEAKS: THE FIRST SEASON (DVD)- The first season of David Lynch’s awesome TV series is released as a four-disc set by ARTISAN. The spectacular collection features […]